Twitter – Power tips for Dummies: Dominate the Twitosphere

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    Learn proven tips and tricks to boost your Twitter presence.

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    Do you want to know:

    • how to unlock buried conversations between people (like what Kim and Kim Kardashian are tweeting to each other)
    • the truth about designing beautiful posts
    • easy and quick way to copy other’s Twitter list
    • shorten and customize your URLs (stand out by creating unique links)
    • how to get powerful insights and free analytics for your Twitter account
    • find interesting & useful Twitter lists
    • create multiple Twitter accounts with the same Gmail account (shhh, don’t tell Twitter about it)

    and more.

    Then, this quick read will show you practical how-to steps to up your Twitter game. Some of the tips are rare and hidden from the purview of most of the Tweeple (awesome people of Twitter).

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