Facebook Banned My Ad – Again

Facebook Banned my Ad – Again

I had an interesting struggle figuring this one out. On one of my pages I got to 400 Likes in just a handful of days for really really cheap and fairly well targeted placement, based on the few discussions I’ve already had with my followers.I posted that I got 400 likes, using some “happy birthday” style text, which is supposed to bypass the filters to allow people to see it. When that got about 5% viewership, I decided to alter the text, since it was obviously not working. I decided to attempt to promote it, and made it more like a landing page offer. I then clicked the dropdown and found out that for some odd reason it was going to offer me 10,000 views for $15 – heck of a deal – for the audience I selected. Fairly narrow targeting.

I clicked Promote and after a few hours went to check out my performance. I didn’t get any messages from them about approval or disapproval and was surprised to see that it was disapproved. I read the pink warning box and it said I had done one of a slew of things, including improper use of Facebook Property. I dug around in the ad for probably 10 minutes before I realized that the issue was.

I had done a screenshot of the 400 Likes. Drat. The whole post was worthless now that it had finished running through the 5% of the Likers’ newsfeeds. I deleted the ad and the post. Drat. Time to rethink how to do this for that cheap.

So remember folks, it’s against the rules of FB to post a picture of FB…

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