Facebook and My Fat Loss Journey

I’m still hard at work promoting my Free Lose Weight Gain Muscle Newsletter HERE, this time on Facebook. I have a Facebook Page for the Newsletter HERE and I’d love for you to go LIKE it, if you could take a second out of your day to go do that now.

I’m working on a Custom Audience version of an inexpensive Facebook Ad, and it’s been an adventure getting it approved. An earlier version of the ad got disapproved because I posted an image of myself in my Fat Pants.

The most ironic thing about this is that I had several No-Shirt images that were approved, I suppose because they don’t idealize an unrealistic body image.


In my most recent sets of ads, first of all they were all instantly rejected because I accidentally left the Target Age at the default 13, which is too young for a “health, fitness, nutrition, diet, sex ad” so I changed that and got it instantly rejected again. I have some text issues based on the fact that I was being honest.

Since it took me almost three years to achieve my fat loss, I think it’s quite realistic, and the likely issue is resolved simply because I am here, and you can weigh me anytime you want.

Fat Face Me at 230+ pounds.

Skinny Face Me at 180 pounds.

So yeah, it is possible, it is realistic, and it is likely. Be that as it may, they are the Powers That Be, so I created some more generic questioning text and submitted it for approval, and it’s taking quite a while for them to review it. In general there is a time period for approval of a new ad that is acceptable. If it goes past that there might be a problem, and if rejection is instant there’s a Real Problem.

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